23 different dialects. One clear expression.


With over 200 years of history Länsförsäkringar is less a company and more a complex network. That’s 23 regional insurance companies, all customer-owned, all clustered around one of the most iconic brand symbols in Sweden and all operating within an increasingly digital customer landscape. To stay relevant an updated visual design was clearly needed.  Something to help them navigate today’s diverse conditions. 


Create a strong, unifying identity. One flexible enough to cross all channels whilst retaining room for the 23 regional companies to speak their own local "dialect".


That iconic Länsförsäkringar square. One of the most recognised brand symbols in Sweden. An asset to be nurtured and strengthened.


A revitalised identity. One that places the Länsförsäkringar symbol firmly at its core and reaffirms it as a unique asset. Colour palette, fonts and graphic elements can all clearly be linked back to the symbol, as can a uniquely hand-drawn font. Accompanied by the guiding principle "it will be difficult to do wrong" a flexible design system was also developed. Together they ensure unity across a decentralised organisation.


A new identity to help steer Länsförsäkringar through the next 200 years.

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