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Never just milk. Always milk equals

pancakes, lots of pancakes.





Arla needed a new identity. Something capable of uniting them across channels, categories and global markets. One Arla we call it. More importantly they wanted something less dairy. Something inviting and inspiring. Something capable of sharing the potential stored within every glass of milk, spoon of yoghurt or spread of butter.


Move Arla from rational farmyard producer to inspirers at the heart of all our lives.


Natural Goodness. Or to put it another way. Dairy is filled with natural goodness. Arla produce and supply dairy. Thus Arla fill our days with natural goodness. That’s goodness that nourishes our bodies. Goodness that enriches our lives. Goodness that helps us all make more of each and every day. Or quite simply. Dairy = Natural Goodness = Arla.


A new globally unifying way of looking, talking and behaving. A humane death to the cow. A shift from ‘we produce milk’ to ‘natural goodness is what we do’.


A digital brand book of guidance and inspiration. Comprising a globally versatile tone-of-voice, type families, image world, information graphics, unifying graphic device and more. Playful and engaging the tools can span all touch points from packaging to communication.

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