VICCA Journal

An exhibition and publication in one.


VICCA Journal is an annual publication from the Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki published as a showcase for 12 of their post-graduate Visual Culture and Contemporary Arts students.


Working in conjunction with the editor, Crystal Bennes, we were approached with the theme crisis as a question, and provocation. Her reflection; if everything is now a crisis, can anything actually be a crisis?



The resulting publication aims to capture this reflection by exploring crisis from its historical context - meaning a choice of stark alternatives. To manifest the thought each student work was constructed into a poster with a horizontal line across the middle. Sometimes overtly visible, sometimes only visible through a change in typeface, colour or text, this line in some part acts as a subtle hint towards the broader idea of crisis without overpowering the individual student content.


Enhancing the thought of stark alternatives by using opposing colours and different paper stocks, the resulting series of posters are bound as a book, but presented as a exhibition - a final wry contrast.

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