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Perspective. According to the ancient Greeks strategy is about choosing which battles to fight, and how, in order to win a war situation. Thankfully we have a more friendly approach. For us strategy means figuring out the purpose of a brand (why it exists) and setting a direction that will make it attractive to consumers. Put simply, we help our clients make the most of their business opportunities, to win battles against competitors and in the process build a stronger brand.

Approach. We start by identifying brand potential. That’s understanding the consumers, the market situation, the business challenges and competitive environment. Based on a solid insight foundation we then get creative and shape a future strategy for the brand by working in close collaboration – a simple fusion of our brand expertise with our clients unique knowledge of the down-to-business details.

Example. How does a brand that’s been around since 1892 transition from nostalgia to leading innovator in the outdoor industry? Start with the brand why – the brand’s ultimate reason for being, and the role it plays in peoples lives, add their true passion for the outdoors and leverage the companies almost unrivalled Swedish engineering expertise. Simple really, or that’s how we helped Primus become an award-winning brand relevant to a new generation of outdoor lovers around the world.



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Brand Platform

How to clarify

Strategy is making sacrifices. But with a foundation based on clear insights and an inspiring vision, you are sure to make the right decisions to build a successful brand.

Perspective. We see brand strategy as an extension of a companys’ business strategy, and the brand as a central business driver. Therefore the Brand Platform is an important steering document that clarifies the direction and becomes a guiding star for the brand both from an internal and external perspective. It defines the aspired positioning of the brand both verbally and visually and provides guidance for everything from business development to HR-policies.

Approach. We build the platform from a solid analysis and valid insights. Hence a process will start with finding out where we stand today and where we should go in the future. We do this with focus on defining who the key consumer/client is and understand what motivates her. When the insights are clear, we work very closely with out clients to develop the platform. Through workshops we explore the different dimensions of the brand, both from an outside-in- as well as inside-out-perspective. We lead and facilitate the process but the platform itself is always a co-creation since the brands DNA always belongs to the client.

Brand Portfolio and Architecture

How to organize

To win the game we must know how to organize the team. Each player should know it’s role and where to play before we say – Game on!

Perspective. How many brands do we need in our portfolio and how should they relate to each other? Doing the homework on the portfolio is critical to make sure you invest in the right place and where the potential lies. In our experience as few brands as possible but as many as necessary is usually the way to do it. The trick is to define what this is.

Approach. The potential for each brand is evaluated based on insights and future growth plans. Maybe we have performed a brand stretch survey to determine the elasticity and equity in existing brands or we base the analysis on other data.
Then we do a mapping of different brands within a category/ industry to define where they should play, the brands future market role and its’ relationship to other brands in the portfolio. The result is a perfectly matched team to take on the competition.

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