Know yourself better. Helping brands identify potential by turning knowledge into actionable insights.

Perspective. Knowledge, understanding, human behaviour and brands. Everything we need to fully understand your situation and challenges. From here we begin.

Approach. It all starts with insights. But not just a dump of data, we believe in designing and customising research studies to fit your needs, deriving insights from data and sources we have at hand, to connect the dots, to make insights actionable. It’s a creative process in itself, and it means we take things further than a research report, we present an insight foundation that you and we can work with in building a stronger business and brand.

Example. How does a brand that’s been around since 1892 transition from nostalgia to leading innovator in the outdoor industry? Start with the brand why – the brand’s ultimate reason for being, and the role it plays in peoples lives, add their true passion for the outdoors and leverage the companies almost unrivalled Swedish engineering expertise. Simple really, or that’s how we helped Primus become an award-winning brand relevant to a new generation of outdoor lovers around the world.



Brand Associations
Positioning & Potential
Consumer Segmentation
Brand Tracking
Interviews, Focus groups & Shop-a-long
Ethnographic observations at home
Consumer diary (digital tool)
Trend Analysis
Customized Research


Know your consumers better

It’s about people. Always. If you should invest in knowledge we recommend that you find out who your most valuable consumers are and get to know them.

Perspective. A brand cannot be equally attractive to all. Still, many companies set out to target an entire population in fear of being selective. In our experience the result is often a bland experience that targets everyone but engages no one. instead, the focus should be on identifying the core consumers and ensuring the brand is first choice for them.

Approach. We perform a quantitative survey of the market to collect data to do a cluster analysis from . This way we get a deeper understanding of what groups of consumers there are who share similar needs, behavior and motivs. From this we can learn where the greatest potential lies in the market for our brand and what consumers are most important to win. They should be the focus of our attention.


Know your brand better

Knowing where to go next starts with finding out where you stand now. And it helps to have a map.

Perspective. Positioning happens in the mind of the consumer and is always relative to other brands that you compete with. We believe that a truly useful positioning work must cater for both dimensions and answer: where is a white spot in the market and what motives should we appeal to in order to achieve a successful positioning.

Approach. We use a universal psychological framework to map brands in the same category against different motives. This will help us understand the playing field better, what is considered hygiene factors in the category as well as potential white spots in the market. Knowing where the brand sits today is the first step to a new position.

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