Make a lasting impact and create innovative design solutions that build value.

Unlike a traditional design agency, to us, design is more than physical attraction, it’s visual branding.

Perspective. It’s what we do to visually energise, position, excite and reimagine brands of all types and sizes. From global identities to award winning packaging, our design is guided by an agency belief that multi-disciplined creative diversity builds lasting brand impact.

Approach. Our approach to design starts with a solid strategic insight and clear understanding of a brands goals, ambitions and consumers. Embracing these alongside our four creative values – simple, smart, honest, playful, we work honestly and openly with our clients to create visually inspiring design solutions that capture attention, cut through and captivate regardless of channel or media.

Example. How does a challenger brand within fmcg achieve 30% growth, three consecutive years in a row, to become one of Sweden’s biggest brands within their category? Provide them with a clear, business growing insight, place innovation at their core, earnestly ask the question – what would nature do? And harness the positive powers of yellow, that was our answer for Risenta.



Corporate identity
Packaging design
Structural/Product design
Digital design
Brand governance
Brand toolbox + guidelines

Packaging Design

Boxed, bottled and wrapped brand experiences

We strive to create love at first sight, touch, and feel through packaging design. It’s where we start to tell the story. And always focusing on everyday lives and the human.

Perspective. Create brand, not design. That’s our belief when it comes to packaging. It’s a belief that means we see pack design as more than shelf impact, or a surface tool towards selling more product. We see the entire pack as a consumer experience, a vital tool in the brand building story. It’s because of this that we take a human approach towards our creation, questioning how the consumer experiences the product, from their first point of contact through to how they really use it in their daily lives. It’s this approach that helps us understand how we can best reach our goal – an impactful, intuitive packaging experience with a clear message.

Corporate Design

Create brave beliefs

Changing the way you’re is viewed starts with an inner shifting. Then everything else follows. An introspect through curious eyes.

Perspective. Let’s talk about you. That’s our thought when it comes to corporate design. It’s a starting point that means we see company branding as more than a new logo or facelift. We see it as a journey for defining new direction, building stronger presence, venturing into new territories or inspiring culture. And that’s why we take a human approach, starting with you and understanding your story. Because our view is simple – from employees to consumers, a brand is only as strong as the people that believe in it. Because changing your clothes is easy. But, it’s defining your DNA and inspiring your soul that genuinely leads to sustained success and the achievement of long term ambitions.

Digital Design

Intuitive for the irrational

Create digital design for the human and for all requirements. But let’s put a few surprises along the way. Life’s supposed to be about that too.

Perspective. Need before users. That’s our ambition when it comes to digital design. It’s a vision that means we see technology as a tool towards improving the way people interact with and share a brands story/products/services. And means we strive to design around the actual needs of people, creating beyond functional optimisation, speed and convenience, to enhance the way brands connect with people. It’s our simple belief that – strong brands understand and nurture the beautifully irrational, unpredictable nature of human beings. And in doing so they embrace digital platforms, technology and design as tools for helping people experience, grow and thrive alongside them. It’s about experience enhancement and engagement over technique. Or put more simply it’s about using technology in a relevant way that adds value to peoples every day lives.

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