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To us communication is far more than a nice brand building story told to consumers. It’s about truly activating a brands values and beliefs, it’s about inspiring employees, about transforming rational company goals into emotional actions that are everyday inspiring. In short it’s about brand building content that communicates and captivates, from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside.



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Like design, our approach to communication starts with a solid strategic insight and clear understanding of a brands values and beliefs. Embracing these alongside our four creative values - simple, smart, honest, playful, we seek communication solutions that activate through inspiring brand content.


How does one of the largest banks in Sweden communicate internally, to thousands of employees, in multiple offices, that when sending files as an email, they should first be saved as a pdf. The challenge: get the message through without being condescending. Our response: Write a song of course. Humble and engaging - an internally sharable talking point that’s memorable.

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